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I've been reading 'creative evolution' by quantum physicist Goswami. He does have some interesting points on the evolution of humanity for instance.

I think you've probably all heard of the way in which some people are interpreting quantum physics to mean that we're all free to create our own reality? Weirdly enough - that's not at all a viable conclusion from the standpoint of quantum physics. There are definite limits to the freedom of an electron for instance. So I do wonder whether quantum healing works - or rather - I think it probably works only within the POSSIBLE outcomes.

I do think that there is some reason for taking seriously the idea that consciousness manifested the universe to begin with though. The tangled web of observer observing itself and thereby manifesting itself has a strange ring of truth for me. However I do think it has to take into account the possibilities of that moment of manifestation.

What do you all think - is there a limitation to what quantum healing can accomplish?

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