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Living Wellness' SOUNDS OF THE SACRED, SONGS OF THE EARTH performance series, which began in 2002, celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Living Wellness' "WALK ACROSS THE WORLD', Global Steps for Unity & Harmony"; featuring workshops through October 2nd, 2015;  Come Join Us during the day for special musical performances with sharing on the Healing Power of Sound at the Topanga Library,(Free Admission/122 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. 90290) 1pm-3pm, and then later here at Froggy's, 7:30pm, for moving and fun concert experience.[$10. Suggested Donation] May 2nd, 2015

Living Wellness Foundation's

10th Annual "WALK ACROSS THE WORLD" October, 2015

'Each conscious step makes all paths one'

"Unity & Tolerance" Program for Children and Families

Living Wellness Workshops throughout the year:

Sound Heart - Listening Based Skills

Mind Vision - The Creative Matrix

Healing Actions - Self Empowerment in Higher Service

Experience Wisdom culled from all traditions to inspire

Leaders for Peace & Improvement for all our Communities

First Nations' Chumash & Tongva Tribes, were first settlers of Topanga Canyon

 We lead Council Practice of speaking and listening from the heart on sacred lands.

We bring the experience of Nature's Spirit to unveil in children and adults

their own empowered vision to make creative changes now.

We explore use of creative technologies in studio lab sessions

to inspire children & adults to 'give voice' to their visions

and share them with the world.


World Music Concert, October, 2015

Exciting line up of world music performers from all different cultures

share the light of the one heart

and awaken us to remember

our inner truth.

(Venue to be announced)

Living Wellness Center for Integrative Therapies

The Leading Edge in Whole Person-Centered Care

Experience Soothing Touch & Aromatherapies

Breath, Energy Work, Movement and Sound Healing


We Consult you to create Healing Environments for your Staff and Employees.

Care for the Caregiver

 Feel empowered with inspiration and increased knowledge of leading edge patient-centered care techniques.

Dedicated to

Whole Person-Centered Care

 Living Wellness shares learning tools for wellness with Nursing Staffs

“Soothe & Empower Mind, Body & Spirit”

Calming and Rejuvenating 15/20 minute sessions, rotating two to four Staff at a time, lets everyone experience combined therapeutic techniques that include Aromatherapy, Breath-work,

Guided Imagery and Massage Therapy. 

This is an introduction to the precious journey of one’s healing, tailored to each employee’s needs.

Come away with a sense of increased knowledge, inner well-being and insight into the mind-body connection.

Become energized in a new way, experience your workspace transformed into a healing environment that elevates everyone’s spirit.


The Living Wellness Integrative Therapies Program

includes a special Integrative MD and Holistic Care Team.


Sponsor a Nurse, CNA or Healthcare Administrator

for a Two or Three Day Living Wellness Retreat

in Beautiful, Tranquil, Topanga Canyon.

Receive recognition at our upcoming


"Building Integrative Health into Comprehensive 'Patient Centered Care'

MARCH 2015


(Venue to be Announced)

Send Inquiries to:


Upcoming Living Wellness Events are:

"The Life & Journey of the Creative Healer"

Seminar Series for Spring 2015

(Locations & Dates to be announced)

Soothe & Empower, Body, Mind & Spirit,

Weekend Gatherings - Call for timing

(Modest Introductory Participation Fee)

Soothe & Empower with Massage, Aromatherapy,

Energy Work & Sound Healing

in the serene calm of Topanga Canyon.

TopangaStoryRegular web

To Retreat with us in Topanga Canyon

Please RSVP (Space Limited)

by email:

or call Michele at: 310-403-7612

Experience Longer Living Wellness Restoration Retreats

Getaway to the natural setting of Topanga, so close in distance, yet so far away from the fast paced metropolis of Los Angeles;

We offer focused, intuitive therapies to guide you through somatic healing processes.

Reach more deeply into your core essence,

restore your energy body amidst the Santa Monica Mountains Nature Trails.

Experience your mind quieting, the outside world falling away and gently open to the seat of your divine wisdom.

From this space awaken an awareness of profound healing, joy and wholeness.

Call for LW Brochure and Events Calendar












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