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Cutting through Obstacles - Tibetan Monks & Nuns 2009 Tour

October 10 - through October 25th in Los Angeles, CA. area.

The Zangdokpalri Foundation for Great Compassion Presents Rigdzin Dorje Rinpoche with the Monks & Nuns of Zangdokpalri

His Holiness the Dalai Lama received

the Blessing of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa's

terma at the Blessing of the Foundation of the Temple in Arunachal

"This Healing Chod was one of the most beautiful, important

things I have done for myself." - Sharon Salzberg

The… Continue

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Obama Should Meet With the Dalai Lama Soon

On the night of his historic and inspiring election as the first African-American president, Barack Obama spoke of the trajectory of history. He paraphrased Martin Luther King Jr. when he said, “The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.”

These are hopeful words, and for those who seek justice and human rights, they are a reminder that we cannot simply stand by and wait for the arc to bend. We have a duty to use our power and influence to hasten its trajectory.

That is… Continue

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A Fiery Life

UNDERPINNING the universe is not gravity as taught today, but an electric vital power, according to Theosophy.

Notwithstanding, physicists are still stuck on gravity to support their “standard model”—that the weakest of forces rules the entire universe—about which, admittedly, they know not much.

Gravity is mathematically incompatible with the quantum laws that govern subatomic particles, and that “leaves 95 percent of the universe unexplained” writes Dennis… Continue

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Future Seeing

“THE PAST, the Present, and the Future are, in the esoteric philosophy, a compound time,” wrote Helena Blavatsky, “for the three are a composite number only in relation to the phenomenal plane—but in the realm of noumena have no abstract validity.”

Our generally accepted worldview of duration and time “are all derived from our sensations according to the laws of Association,” explained Blavatsky.

And according to a precept in the Buddhist Prasanga-Madhyamika… Continue

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La Paz Eco Village has it's new website up and running. The Village will focalize/coordinate the 2012 events

Our current central focus is the creation of the La Paz Eco Village: outside of the town of Todo Santos in Baja California Sur, Mexico. This project is in its' founding stages with the closing date for the purchase of the property set for October 30Th, 2009. The website gives all pertainent information and includeds 56 photos of the project site and surrounding area, including the Sierra de Laguna World… Continue

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My Talk with the Dalai Lama

by Raghavan Iyer


I must warn you at the very outset that I propose to speak to you this afternoon not as former President of the Oxford Union, nor as an Oxford don. I want to abdicate this role and speak to you as a seeker and a pilgrim, because that was the way in which I went to the Dalai Lama. That is the only justification for my trying to tell you what he said to me during that memorable and moving interview which he graciously granted me… Continue

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Sketch Out Some Ideas . . .

Sigmond Twayne shares his travels at ...

and see his New book show video at . . .

Sigmond Twayne
Driving 145 MPH October 17 Fontana

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The Inner Ruler

THE Cherokee say that “our first teacher is our own heart,” but unfortunately our western science has rewarded that teacher with very few apples.

Mainstream medicine still looks at the heart as only a mechanical pump.

That view is beginning to change. The Medical Community is being challenged to expand its thinking about human biology, health, and wellness.

Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology all… Continue

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Breath of Heaven

How comes our physical body to the state of perfection it is found in now? Through millions of years of evolution, of course, yet never through, or from, animals, as taught by materialism.

"For, as Carlyle says: — 'The essence of our being, the mystery in us that calls itself ‘I,’ — what words have we for such things? — it is a breath of Heaven, the… Continue

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Should We Have Insurance Choices?

Do any of us really have a choice in what health insurance we get? It seems that most of us are just grateful to get whatever our company provides. Being without insurance for almost a year after a layoff, I know I am glad to now be getting insurance. Medical insurance, Dental insurance, and Vision insurance are all important benefits to have in today's world.

What ideas exist that… Continue

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Neti Neti

THE idea that things can cease to exist and still be, is a fundamental one in Eastern psychology. Under this apparent contradiction in terms, there rests a fact of Nature to realize is the important thing.

A familiar instance of a similar paradox is afforded by chemical… Continue

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The God Effect 2

EVERY organ and cell in the body has a field, by which it mysteriously networks with every other organ and cell. The heart and gut talk to the brain. And the brain’s holographic networks are due to the noetic fields of its cells and neurons.

The Field is the underlying mechanism of healing, of thought transference, gene behavior, and the way the environment influences us — it is the real “secret” behind the power of intention.…


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The God Effect 3

ANCIENT SAGES taught that this physical world is interpenetrated by a series of increasingly ethereal worlds or fields, composed of energy-substances beyond our range of perception.

The fields closest to us are referred to as the “astral light.” It is already confirmed by science that the fundamental building block of matter is energy. And all physical life, from crystals to the atoms and cells of our body emit this energy in the form of photons—waves and particles of… Continue

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The Dynamics for Peace in the Middle East

The three critical dynamics determining whether the Middle East conflict moves towards peace: US-Israel relations, Israeli compliance with international laws and norms, and the capacity of the Arabs to engage meaningfully in promoting a credible peace process.

By RAMI G. KHOURI in Beirut | 21 July 2009

One of the most important political dynamics in the Middle East these days is the escalating war of words between the… Continue

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The God Effect

THESE ARE transformational times, and new orders of thought based on ancient verities are seen flowering once more.

A growing number of New Thought leaders are fostering a welcome shift in human consciousness.

It is a revolutionary shift. The seeds of change evident throughout the 20th Century, and now in the 21st, were sown in the 19th—sparked by the Theosophical Movement.…


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Designing Mind

A COMMON SENSE critic of scientific pretensions, who has wit and sanity united to an elevated moral intelligence, is refreshing to the soul.

Such is Mary Midgley, dubbed by the Guardian, January 13, 1971, “the most frightening philosopher in the country”—today, at age 89, she is still receiving accolades, and still taking no prisoners.

Mrs. Midgley, with Blavatskian flair, hits the bulls eye:-

“…the real trouble with the mind-body problem centres on… Continue

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Pot of Miracles

Helena Blavatsky was the first to refer to nature spirits as elementals.

“Some classes of elementals… have an intelligence of their own and a character…”


“A plant can be receptive or non-receptive, though every plant without an exception feels and has a consciousness of its own. But besides the latter, every plant—from the gigantic tree down to the minutest fern or blade of grass—has, Occultism teaches us, an Elemental entity of which it is the outward… Continue

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Fields of Dream

Ever drifting down the stream–

Lingering in the golden gleam–

Life, what is it but a dream?

-Lewis Carroll

WHEN our rational brains are all heated up, arguing life’s complexities, that’s usually the best time to kick off our shoes and give it a rest.

When faced with a critical decision, or stuck on a complex problem,… Continue

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Connection with Doctors

I had always thought of doctors as cold-hearted machines, doing a job and making big money for it. But after witnessing the skill and precision of a group of indiana heart physicians my opinion of doctors as mercenaries has changed. These doctors where very much 'connected' with the essence of life, working miracles through heart surgery and… Continue

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Unlocking the Cage

SPACE, time, matter and consciousness are omnipresent. But in science, a fundamental problem is created because they are considered independent things—a mistaken starting point for unlocking the nature of reality.

Their view is sustained because “most researchers still believe they can build from one side of nature, the physical, without the other side, the living,” writes Dr. Robert Lanza, in the May, 2009 book Biocentrism:… Continue

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WALK ACROSS THE WORLD is a worldwide coordinated program bringing spiritual and community leaders, children and adults into global collaboration to 'Walk for Tolerance & Understanding’. Walker’s distances will be logged throughout the year to culminate annually on October 2nd. Our goal is to have the combined total distance covered on all the walks in a year’s time equal the circumference of our Earth, some 24,800 miles.

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