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“That which ye sow ye reap. See yonder fields! The sesamum was sesamum, the corn was corn. The Silence and the Darkness knew! So is a man’s fate born.” -The Light of Asia

BREAKING UP is hard to do. Even after worldviews have betrayed us, they still cling like burrs in our psyche. Witness, for example, the “Flat Earth Society,” the geocentric view of the universe, and creationist beliefs about the age of the earth. The list is long.

Intuitives and psychics can be woefully inaccurate in their divinations, and science is replete with exploded, once sacred dogmas. Up to very recently, it was believed that the brain cannot grow new cells—when they’re gone, they’re gone!


In 2005 we learned just the opposite: Adult Brain Cells Do Keep Growing! (LiveScience)

The word Science comes from the Latin word Scire, which means to know. It is supposed to be a systematic, organized way of investigating the world. The catch is when specialized learning turns into a dogmatic worldview, and then becomes an end-in-itself—it becomes separated from the harvest of what would have been a whole truth.

Watch video of Dean Radin:
Are You Nothing but a Pack of Neurons?

The Fickle Atom

The illusion of solid matter “was shattered in 1897,” writes David Pratt, in his article The Infinite Divisibility of Matter,” with the discovery of the electron, the first subatomic particle”…

…the “uncuttable” had been cut.
This was followed by the discovery of the proton in 1911 and the neutron in 1932, the two particles that make up the atomic nucleus. In the decades that followed, subatomic particles began to proliferate like bacteria, and today over 200 are known.

“Blavatsky provided a compelling argument for the infinite divisibility of matter,” Pratt writes, and quotes her ingenious thought experiment from The Secret Doctrine, (SD 1:519):

"This is sufficient to show how absurd are the simultaneous admissions of the non-divisibility and elasticity of the atom. The atom is elastic, ergo, the atom is divisible, and must consist of particles, or of sub-atoms. And these sub-atoms?"

"They are either non-elastic, and in such case they represent no dynamic importance, or, they are elastic also; and in that case, they, too, are subject to divisibility. And thus ad infinitum. But infinite divisibility of atoms resolves matter into simple centres of force, i.e., precludes the possibility of conceiving matter as an objective substance. This vicious circle is fatal to materialism."

Watch Robert Thurman: Buddha and The Atom

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