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Can Peace and Harmony Actually Heal the World?

by Philip D'Arbanville

Could it be that the world relies on humans to think clearly - and in harmony - for its survival? The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) at Princeton University just may prove that the Morphogenetic Field Theory is more than pseudoscience. Based on a hypothesis developed by English scientist Rupert Sheldrake, which was influenced by Carl Jung's controversial theory of the Collective Unconscious, the GCP aims to prove that all of mankind is connected through a powerful mind field.

If Jung's theory that a "reservoir of the experiences of our species" actually exists, then the morphogenetic field is where this knowledge resides. Sheldrake's theory postulates that these fields contain a sort of "universal database" of human intelligence that is shared amongst all living beings.

This knowledge is necessary for beings to not only exist, but also to evolve. For example, 200 years ago, it took nearly a week for a child to learn how to ride a bicycle. Since then, generations of children have learned this ability. As a result, the imprint of that knowledge has carried into humankind's morphogenetic field so that now it typically takes a child only a few hours to master the balance needed to ride a bike.

Since 1998, the GCP has monitored 50 diode machines around the globe in an effort to determine if the consciousness of mankind actually exists. Through the use of white noise signals, these machines are believed to have the ability to measure if the morphogenetic field is influenced by our behaviors, our interactions with other beings or even the occurrence of tragic world events.

For example, each time there has been a tragedy that arouses collective world mourning, such as Princess Diana's death and 9/11, the diodes have registered an interruption in the random, yet statistical, pattern that exists when the world is in harmony.

Fascinatingly, these disturbances have been detected hours before the event even happened. For example, all 50 diodes worldwide simultaneously registered a disturbance in the morphogenetic field five hours before the first airplane crashed into the World Trade Center. Researchers for the GCP believe this is most likely the time the terrorists put their long-planned attack into motion.

The scientific proof of the connective link between all living beings and the morphogenetic field has the potential to radically change the 21st century. If we truly have a constant impact not only on each other, but on future generations and the health of our world, our responsibility as humans may have just been ratcheted up a few notches.

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