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Kitchen Rejuvenation is both a nourishing and fun way to stir up nutrition in the kitchen. Ammer comes to your home, goes through your kitchen with you, taking out all processed foods and substituting whole foods that will awaken your palate and feed your soul. From there you go grocery shopping with her as she shows you how to read and interpret food labels for healthier choices to help you reduce sugars from your diet to prevent inflammation. You also will participate in one-on-one food preparation classes, including handouts with knowledge about the superfoods as well as the medicinal value of natural foods and herbs. She then leaves recipes and make-n-bake instructions with you. Portions are also jointly decided upon to fit the individual needs of your family. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all portions. Every family member’s food intake is determined by their body type and must be taken into consideration.

- check it out for recipes, knowledge and free newsletter regarding your health with wisdom.

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WALK ACROSS THE WORLD is a worldwide coordinated program bringing spiritual and community leaders, children and adults into global collaboration to 'Walk for Tolerance & Understanding’. Walker’s distances will be logged throughout the year to culminate annually on October 2nd. Our goal is to have the combined total distance covered on all the walks in a year’s time equal the circumference of our Earth, some 24,800 miles.

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