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In order to survive the next 100 years, we must come to realize, the fittest among us are, in fact, the wisest. We simply can no longer make it on physical brawn and Nationalistic might. Through our amazing, innovative technologies a global world was birthed; each country collectively interdependent upon the whole, entwined in a delicate balance of commerce, ingenuity and connectedness. Isn’t it, then, rather ludicrous that we would even consider investing our precious resources and lives in such a suicidal venture as war?
If we are to make it in this global milieu, which necessitates mutual respect and reciprocity, then we must open up, giving way to our higher nature, unfolding a new paradigm for world relations; a paradigm wherein the energies of love and peace prevail, guiding and motivating our actions. As people everywhere still subscribe to the old, bloody, conquering, territorial imperative model, somehow they must be impregnated with the reconciling view that only peaceful, loving means will sustain all of us into a viable future. It is imperative we explore every possibility so we can live and flourish harmoniously on this awesome planet with its diverse religions, ideas, customs and traditions.
In the spirit of honorable exchange, we can certainly brainstorm and heartstorm to come up with equitable solutions to build bridges to one another, rather than continuing to manufacture weapons of mass destruction, indulging a serial killer mentality. If this remains the hallmark of how we deal with conflicts and disagreements, then the ultimate fate of our self-annihilation will be sealed. But, if we share a vision that holds peace as its enduring, most fruitful option to save our world from the ravages of this murderous, war-infected ideology, then we can move forward together.
We can do this, not in the fashion of attempting to melt differences, but in the mode of good will and understanding; these differences honored and dealt with through wise, honest, reflective dialogue. In this way, all of us would be heard - the ears of listening offered. This, in itself, can heal and transform. When any one of us feel we have been really heard, we are more apt to listen, as well, from a place of non-judgment. Thus, through this portal of pure listening, peace and love can flow unimpeded by small- minded self-interests that do not take into account the full range of possibilities available, forging lasting bonds.
It all starts with us, in our own individual lives. If we can’t listen to one another here and now in terms of our immediate, personal differences, how can we expect this to happen with nations on a global scale? So, ineluctably, as reiterated again and again, peace does begin at home. We must listen to each other and to this deep calling within us for connection, embarking on a fresh path so we embrace all beings, despite our differences, whatever they may be. Then there is hope for a greater future, as we are delivered from the self-righteous, combative urges of the ego into the realm of love, where peace is no longer a dream, but a reality nurtured by our willingness, right now, to drink from the wellspring of love, putting down the cup of hatred, emptied of malice.


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