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Saturday, May 2nd, 2015


LIVING WELLNESS Sacred World Music Event


LIVING WELLNESS Presents the First of an Ongoing Series to Celebrate the

10th Anniversary of their, “WALK ACROSS THE WORLD,  Global Steps for

Unity & Harmony” program:




Saturday, May 2nd, 2015


Froggy’s Topanga 7:30PM – 10:00PM

Topanga, CA. 90290

(Tickets: $10.) Go to:

or at the Door.


“WALK ACROSS THE WORLD, Global steps for Unity & Harmony” kicked off in 2005 with a Beverly Hills Benefit Concert featuring Jackson Browne



Jackson Browne performing

at Living Wellness Foundation's


with Fred Martin & The Levite Choir & Spain’s Most Celebrated Flamenco Pianist, Pedro Ricardo Mino


Living Wellness has annually brought inner city children to Topanga and Pacific Palisade’s, SRF Lake Shrine, to learn about Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of ‘Satyagraha and Ahimsa’, (Fierce Truth and Non-Violence) and his influence on Martin Luther King. They walk together, encouraged to practice ‘mindfulness, with breath in every step’,

and experience the powerful wisdom collective awareness can generate, when a group is focused with higher intentions.





Enjoy a Transcendent Musical Experience with Celestial Vocals, Sanchin & Koto Guitar, and earthy Vocal Harmonies cascading across multiple genres. Come listen and feel the vibrations, with sharings on the healing impact Music, Song and Spoken Word can have on our Body-Minds.

PHILIP & MICHELE D'ARBANVILLE, Founding Directors of LIVING WELLNESS FOUNDATION, have brought World Music from All Cultures to Los Angeles and Topanga Canyon since 2002, producing with The World Festival of Sacred Music and The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs; their venues have included UCLA's Royce Hall, The John Anson Ford Amphitheater and Topanga's Community House fairgrounds. They’ve featured talent such as the Turkish Ney Flute Master, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Jordanian Peacemaking Percussionist, The Hani Naser's Group, The Door's, John Densmore's TRIBAL JAZZ, Spain's celebrated Flamenco Pianist, Pedro Ricardo Mino, (a protégé of the late Ravi Shankar), Beloved Singer/Songwriter Jackson Browne, Jai Uttal, Rocker of Bhakti, Donna DeLorey, Songstress of The Beloved, our Parisian raised, great American Chanteuse, Madeleine Peyroux and the Tibetan Terton, Kunzang Rinpoche's 'Healing Chod' practioners, The Monks & Nuns of Zangdokpalri.



Philip & Michele D'Arbanville   Children at SRF Lake Shrine

In honor of LIVING WELLNESS' 10th Year Anniversary of "WALK ACROSS THE WORLD, Transcending Boundaries for Unity & Harmony", sharing the principles of Mahatma Gandhi's peacemaking and non-violence each October 2nd, Gandhiji's birthday; Philip & Michele D'Arbanville present this new series of seminars and events focused on deepening the Creative Healing Experience, exploring the Power of Sound and Integrative Healing practices.


Continuing to curate new talent from diverse musical traditions, Philip & Michele are excited to share this current cornucopia, another wave of music that elevates the soul.(see:;


Featuring, this coming Saturday, May 2nd :

TARO WAYAMA with his extraordinary, talented group of classical Asian American musicians; they share the Ancient Stirring Sounds of Vocals, Flute, Sanshin and Koto Guitar; featuring Operatic Singer, Suzannah Murray;


Taro Wayama             Suzannah Murray


THE HARMONY PEOPLE are Anjalisa Aitken and Gary Garrett,
American Singer Songwriters from Hawaii, whose voices blend in pure rapture, inter-twirling sounds in harmonic blends, each note caressing our inner nature with heartfelt awakenings that shimmer with love on every branch; they create a family tree of harmony that uplift all our visions.

                                     Anjalisa Aitken & Garry Garrett

The Living Wellness Foundation is committed to bringing together the worlds of health & healing, spirituality, creativity, and education to support a truly holistic vision for living. We seek to create opportunities for soulful work in the community by establishing programs, forums, fund raising events, and support for healing and spiritual tradition, cultural creatives, and those who seek to educate the community through music, film, dance, literature and public forums.

"Sharing from the heart of wisdom of our worlds" best exemplifies our intent. We're about exploring human development, deep ecology, cultural diversity, and health & healing through cultural traditions as a bridge for human growth. By taking knowledge into applications that facilitate deep human experience, we all grow to appreciate our higher potentials.


WALK ACROSS THE WORLD is a worldwide coordinated program bringing spiritual and community leaders, children and adults into global collaboration to 'Walk for Tolerance & Understanding’. Walker’s distances will be logged throughout the year to culminate annually on October 2nd. Our goal is to have the combined total distance covered on all the walks in a year’s time equal the circumference of our Earth, some 24,800 miles.

Your World

Tell us what actions for Tolerance and Understanding are creating an impact in your part of the world to be featured on Living Wellness' World Map


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