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Dr. Leon W. Bleiberg, has had a healthcare delivery system for a long period of time. This program by Dr. Bleiberg, a retired Podiatric Surgeon, is shovel-ready for implementation now without a major expense to the government or the adopting entity. It is an outstanding solution to our current sick health insurance system. In particular, you will be impressed with the free market aspect of the program. It does not call for heavy government spending, or government interference in the lives of the people.


The program, which is approved by the U.S Department of Labor under the ERISA (Employee Income Security Act of 1974) Law, would:


(1) Give the member/patient 100 % healthcare coverage with no additional cost to him/her. The basic membership fee of the program takes care of all costs;


(2) Provide steady increased income to physicians and providers, and eliminates all paperwork related to billing; there is no billing, no claims, no deductibles, no accounts receivable and therefore no collections or bad debt. There are no exclusions of pre-existing condition or exclusions of any kind;


(3) Provides direct patient-doctor/provider relationship; there is no middleman;


(4) Cut employers cost by over 50% of current insurance premiums. 


(5) Cost for a family of four is approximately $250 - 300/month in California or about $260 for national program for a family of four – for all medical services including lab work and hospitalization. Single or individual would be about 30% lower.


Best of all, It is Accessible, Cost Effective and Fiscally Sound.  It promises a panacea for most interested parties – the public, the government and the medical profession/providers. It does not add to the federal deficit.


You, too, may agree that it could be the most innovative program ever developed in the field of healthcare.





Though the system has some elements of similarity to the present system of Capitation, it is not the same. Unlike the present system, HealthShare 2000-plus


A. Pays separate Retainers to each field of service detailed by the operational divisions within the provider network. This network is composed of all fields of service within the framework of the total benefit structure.


B. Providers are comprised of professional practitioners, hospitals, specialists, allied healthcare personnel, etc. This contractual system covers all benefits through the commitment of the provider network.


C. While the current system of indemnification is salary-based and pays for services rendered, which is fraught with uncertainty, uncontrolled costs, abuse, fraud and waste, it is not so with HealthShare 2000-plus, which is based on fees for services offered. There is a firm contractual assurance that all services and benefits that are to be rendered prophylactically and therapeutically are paid for by “retainer” before the member/consumer ever needs that service. There is no billing before or after service is rendered.


D. The system has no intermediary decision makers between the provider and the member. It is a direct doctor-patient relationship. The selection of treatment is discussed and made between patient and doctor.


E. The elimination of the intermediary means that over 80% of members’ fees/premiums are paid to doctors/providers at the beginning of each month.


F. The elimination of billing saves the provider more than 65% in paperwork and administration costs.


G. The substantial cost reduction, the built-in regulatory system, the free market-free choice feature, as well as the total streamlining results in a total win-win program for all sides – the employer, the employee, the government and the national economy.




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Comment by Living Wellness on August 18, 2011 at 8:44pm

Thank you for sharing this Joseph,

It directly deals with the major issues of our current healthcare billing system fiasco

and some version of this must be adopted or else we're going to witness a huge collapse of the system that's going to make the housing REO bubble-bust look like a stroll in the garden.

In One Spirit,

Philip, Michele & LW Group


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