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Please pass this message along to anyone who would like 

a deeply nourishing treatment to:

balance the nervous system,  
detoxify the lymphatic system, 
rejuvenate the skin 
and deeply relax the mind.

A 2.25 hour deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment regular

price $240 is now ONLY $210!*


Gift certificates available!
* limited sessions available at this special initial price.
  • 1 hour Abyhanga massage with warm organic herbal oil, includes Pinda Sweda (see description below)
  • 30 minute (aprxShirodhara (see description below)


Some of the Benefits of Shirodhara:

Achieves an instant state of calm and rejuvenation.

It has a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the mind, stimulating the endocrine system, such as the pituitary and pineal glands (for hormonal imbalance).

Stimulates neurotransmitters, effectively helping to combat depression and emotional insecurity while decreasing stress related hormones within the body.

Synchronizes alpha brain waves, enhance blood circulation to the brain, improve mental clarity and help to generally release deeply trapped toxins.

Is a powerful treatment for relieving mental stress and nervous tension.


Abhyanga – Massage

When stimulated through therapeutic touch or massage, the skin releases a pharmacy of healing chemicals that have health-promoting effects on the physiology. In addition to feeling good, regular massage and loving touch detoxifies the body’s tissues, increases circulation, calms the mind, and enhances immune function.

Receiving Abhyanga with aromatherapy massage oils is a deeply healing and deeply enjoyable ayurvedic practice that activates the body's inner pharmacy and slows the aging process. Depending upon your unique mind-body type (dosha), the massage technique can be gentle or more vigorous.


Shirodhara is a continuos stream of warm oil over the forehead and third eye.  It works primarily on the mental layer or "manomaya kosha" as it is known in Ayurveda. It is here, at this level, that the mind holds on to past impressions that create imbalanced desires and habitual patterns of behavior. It is believed that these impressions are held captive in the limbic system of the emotional cortex of the brain. It has been used to treat a variety of conditions including: migraines / headaches, eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, graying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, depression, anxiety, vertigo, & Ménière's disease.


Pinda Sweda (Swedana): Ayurvedic Therapy for Restoring Strength and Vigor

This therapy is done after Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage) or during Panchakarma and consists of rubbing warm boluses (prepared with herbs) over your entire body using specific strokes. It improves blood circulation and muscle tone, strengthens digestion and restores vigor to all your bodily tissues. Pinda Sweda is beneficial in degenerative conditions and can help the body rebuild muscular tissues. Done in a series, it is traditionally used for many neurological and neuromuscular disorders, including MS, Parkinson's, as well as many serious imbalances, and to promote vitality and longevity. Pinda Sweda is recommended at least once a year to preserve health and delay aging.


Nourish yourself for a day!


A 2.25 hour deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment regular price $240 is now ONLY $210!*


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