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JUNE 29 – JULY 12, 2010



by Dana Kline

Health just took on a whole new meaning of renewal for skilled nursing staffs from Pasadena and Downtown LA to Beverly Hills as Health Care Administrators turn the table on our front line caregivers and bring in Complementary Therapies for their Nurses! ‘Living Wellness’, out of Topanga, CA., is bringing them self care techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, T’ai Chi, Yoga and Reflexology to decrease their stress and increase their stamina.

At Highland Park’s, Amberwood Convalescent Hospital, in appreciation of National Nursing & Nursing Home Week, Administrator, Jeanie Barrett, brought ‘Living Wellness’s team of holistic healers and massage therapists in to practice and share self-care techniques with her staff. Using integrative healing modalities, [Complementary and Alternative Modalities, known as CAM] every employee, from her Nurses, to Nurse Assistants, Kitchen, Laundry, Administration and Maintenance Staff, received a light healing massage and aromatherapy treatment.

Living Wellness directors, Philip and Michele D’Arbanville, along with their staff, provided unique health experiences for the caregivers. “We believe in health support and CAM education for those serving our loved ones in skilled nursing facilities”, said Philip, “The better care they’re taking of themselves and their families, the more superior care our loved ones in these centers will receive.”

Holly Ianieri, Administrator of Alexandria Care Center also chose to reward her staff for their constant, dedicated work by introducing them to this special world of CAM Therapies, - so they can learn to use it for themselves. “They all work so hard, day in and day out, providing quality care for our residents, they deserve some health support and stress relief themselves.” she said.

When the Living Wellness team comes in to give their sessions, the excitement is omnipresent. Massage tables are set up, fresh cut flowers adorn the room and celestial music delights the ear. Between the wafting lavender and citrus diffused air, the room is completely transformed into a Spa Health Center. Receiving light massage and aromatherapy treatments, employees experience the calming and inspirational affects of plant essentials, such as lavender and wintergreen. Invigorating peppermint oil infused water is also served as an ‘after-treatment’ stimulant to ease each employee’s return to work.

Starting with aching backs, sore feet and headaches, the myriad of post massage faces soon beam with smiles, thrilled by improvement in their emotional, physical and psychological states. Malu Monteclaro, RN from Alexandria Care Center raved, “I love the therapeutic effect. They found the exact pressure points in my neck to relieve my shoulder pain and headache. The lavender and thyme oil sent me back to work with a big smile.”

The Living Wellness staff is always moved by the interest expressed by the employees for their personal and professional use of the oils and complementary therapies. “The sessions are so successful that we’re providing more education, so they can learn how to work effectively with these modalities themselves,” said Michele,” This is not a one time occurrence, where we create an environment and then it’s forgotten. These health techniques benefit everyone. Our ongoing program teaches the most simple and effective methods to alleviate depression, fatigue and stress and increase stamina.” It is a real sign of the progressive times in healthcare today that LA’s skilled nursing administrators are bringing these healing modalities to their employees for the ultimate benefit of their residents.

['Living Wellness' can be reached at or 310-663-5007]

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